Leo Aesthetics

Start Date:


Project Brief:

Build a website with integration with EMR system to retain client information and get scheduled. Also help improve social media marketing.

Project URL:

Project Specs:

  1. Elementor
  2. Elementor Pro
  3. WP Rocket
  4. Imagify
  5. Davinci Resolve
  6. Social Media Channels

What the client wants Client Requests:

  • Make a menu style catalog of products & services to be offered.
  • Create a booking system that integrates with EMR Emergency Medical Records system.
  • Create a link tree for social media.
  • Improve social media pages.
  • Create a marketing strategy.

Got it done ATX-WD Triumph:

We were able to help our client achieve their desired outcome. We’re still working with client to manage their social media accounts.

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